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About us

The Burnaby Festival of Learning celebrates lifelong learning in unconventional ways, featuring a week-long series of free events that will inform, engage and spark creative conversations between diverse audiences. The Festival will showcase a variety of events including performances, lectures, discussions, tours, and more! 

The Festival is co-presented by Simon Fraser University and the City of Burnaby with participation with many local Burnaby organizations. There are events every day for everyone including children, families, young adults and seniors. Events and activities will happen across many civic spaces and institutions, including libraries, museums, galleries, parks, community centres, and more in Burnaby.

Burnaby Festival of Learning Steering Committee

  • Alison Chan, SFU (Festival Co-chair)
  • Deb Thomas, Burnaby Public Library (Festival Co-chair)
  • Ana-Maria Bustamante, Burnaby Intercultural Planning Table
  • Angela Boal, City of Burnaby
  • Bettina Cenerelli, SFU
  • Cynthia Henson, SFU
  • David Greve, Burnaby School District 41
  • Deirdre Grace, BCIT
  • Elizabeth Davies, Burnaby Public Library
  • Ellen van Eijnsbergen, Burnaby Art Gallery
  • Janice Ho, Burnaby Neighbourhood House
  • Jasmine Charchun, SFU
  • Jenna Thomson, SFU
  • Karen Munro, SFU
  • Kevin Brandt, Burnaby School District 41
  • Lisa Codd, Burnaby Village Museum
  • Rebekah Mahaffey, City of Burnaby
  • Sangeeta Bhonsale, Burnaby Family Life
  • Simone Brandl, Burnaby Neighbourhood House


2017 marked the Festival's second iteration. Celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary and the City of Burnaby's 125th anniversary, the theme for 2017 was "Learn from the Past to Inform the Future." Learning about Vancouver's riot past to the mordernization and development of the modern day electric railway line, we see a glimpse of the past that's still here today. +10,000 attendees 71 events 14 venues 19 event partners

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