SFU Exploration Day

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What to Expect on May 8th

When you arrive, you'll need to check-in at the registration desk. You'll be given your name tag, individual schedule, and a map with all the room locations. We will be meeting at the Diamond Family Auditorium in the morning, for lunch, and in the afternoon. Throughout the day, SFU Student Ambassadors will guide you from class to class. Feel free to ask them questions about life in post-secondary, transition from high-school to post-secondary, pick your courses, and more; they'll be happy to answer them. 

Want to get started and find out where the rooms are?
Download SFU Snap (available on iOS and Android)
You can type in the room numbers in the search bar and it will show you where the room is located! Have fun exploring! 


What if the class I want is full?
Some classes are smaller than others, or just by popular demand, it was filled up quickly. When that happens, you have the option to register and be put on the waitlist. You're not guranteed a spot if you are on the waitlist, some rooms just don't have the capacity to include anymore. Be sure that you find a class you can register in during that session so you aren't missing out.

What if I decide to change my mind and I want to swap classes?
Depending if the class you want is full or not, just send us an email to info@festival-of-learning.ca and we can make the switch for you. If the class is full, you may go ahead and register yourself to be on the waitlist, but this does not gurantee you a spot in the class. Be sure to still have a class registered during that session.

What if I get lost?
SFU Student Ambassadors will be taking part in the School District Day and guiding students around campus from class to class. You'll also be equipped with a map just in case you get lost. There will also be checkpoints around campus where you can find a Student Ambassador to help you. 

Couldn't find the answer you're looking for? Have additional questions?
Please email your questions to info@festival-of-learning.ca


Experience learning outside the classroom. Pick and choose what you like. Explore your interests.

Registration begins on April 9th and ends on April 30th